Release Notes

Version 3.37

  • Updated interface with tabs to be consistent with Importer

Version 3.36

  • Added support for variable replacement on ServerURL, Username and Password values
  • Now defaulting the "Save Config to Server" setting to ON
  • Fixed issue - Scheduling tab label says IMPORTER
  • Fixed issue - Add-Ins button in wrong place on screen
  • Added support for the following variables:
    • CASE
    • REMOVE
    • NUMELS
  • Added "Ignore document download errors" setting to speed up exports that are known to have missing documents
  • Added document Add-In properties for IgnoreDownloadErrors and DownloadErrorLogEntry
  • Added ability to restore configuration from server. Requires the configuration to have been previously saved to server via option.

Version 3.35

  • Schedule save fails when exporting to folder directly off root of drive
  • Added Notes tab for documentation about the export config

Version 3.34

  • Fixed issue with Add-In dialog Save or Cancel closing entire application

Version 3.33

  • Added multi-exporter capability that allows multiple Exporters to export from the same batch
  • Added Doc Count and Page Count filtering (Server version 3.33 and higher only)
  • Added ability to filter on value ranges
  • Add-In - Record Search - Added ability to search using value ranges
  • Added Add-In event for intercepting document loading
  • Added prompt to upgrade Exporter if Add-In requires newer version

Version 3.32

  • Added support for Sub Categories in exported document CSV files
  • Added support for the new docMgt Retention Backup process
  • Add-In - docMgt Retention Backup to back up files in conjunction with the Retention system
  • Added H or /H command line argument to hide the program while running
  • Added option to set the /H flag when using Scheduling feature
  • Added ability to split strings n multi-char split values
  • Added quotes around the EXE path when creating a Scheduled Task
  • Changed scheduled task creation to make sub-folders in Task Scheduler for better organization
  • Fixed issue where variable replacement was not parsing properly when parentheses are in the value being parsed

Version 3.30

  • Add-In - Document Mover - Now allows blank value for destination folder which places the documents into the process folder (where the Exporter config is)
  • Added document-level data to variables for replacement logic
  • Add-In - Created PDF Rebuild add-in to remove pages from PDFs on export (mostly for break sheet removal)

Version 3.29

  • Recompiled with the latest docMgt REST assembly
  • Updated variable replacement to keep compatibility with the server variables
  • Added option to save Exporter config to server as a backup

Version 3.28

  • Changed Add-Ins panel to be more intuitive
  • Changed configuration screen to load Add-Ins panel once an Add-In is added, updated or removed
  • Added ability to remove Add-Ins from the Add-Ins panel
  • Added "Save and Close" button
  • Fix: DocumentEnd event not firing for Add-Ins

Version 3.27

Possible Breaking Change

Version 3.27 is now compiled against .NET 4.7.2. This means all computers running docMgt Exporter Service must have at least .NET 4.7.2 or higher to run the system. 

  • Updated download logic to do direct download from cloud platform if available
  • Added in function to unblock Add-In files
  • Tronitech Add-In - Added ability to NOT output header line

Version 3.26

  • Updated Icons
  • Add-Ins: Added ability to intercept export routine and feed in Record IDs to be exported
  • Created Add-In called "docMgt Record Search" that allows users to configure search to find records to export

Version 3.25

  • Changed ProcessStart event to be called after REST object has been created
  • Created the following Add-Ins (available by request)
    • Export complete Record Type to CSV (Record data only)
  • Updated variable replacement code to mirror Importer's logic
  • Added code to maintain compatibility with older Add-In DLLs

Version 3.23

  • Added application path to registry for integration with other docMgt applications
  • Added support for Active Directory authentication to server

Version 3.22

  • Now writing errors to an ERRORS.LOG file
  • Throwing errors from Add-Ins up to the main program so they can be reported properly
  • Updated TLS support to version 1.2 for better SSL security support

Version 3.21

  • Compiled with new version number
  • Added Document object to the document Add-In events

Version 3.20

  • Created the following Add-Ins (available by request)
    • Copying or backing up documents
    • Merging PDF documents
    • Combining all downloaded data into a single directory
  • Added internal event to allow add-ins to change record folder one time during import
  • Added utility logic to shared Add-In library for CSV parsing, serialization and more
  • Changed way the program exits by specifically calling System.Environment.Exit(0)
  • Added all objects to all add-in events
  • Add-Ins are now executed in alphabetical order based on the folder name then file name
  • Added support for downloading standard Add-Ins from the cloud
  • Added version label on config screen
  • Added ability to double-click the Version label to check for updates
  • Added feature that will update existing Cloud Add-Ins
  • Fixed: Add-Ins only load during config

Version 3.19

  • Added better support for relative paths to scripts
  • Fixed issue with wrong folder name being sent to record-level scripts
  • Added ability to convert downloaded documents to PDF

Version 3.18

  • Added ability to rename CSV column headers on output
  • Added ability to rename Document files on output
  • All renaming includes ability to do variables with record values, files names, etc.
  • FIXED: If rename fields have nothing but white space then the rename sets to empty value and fails

Version 3.17

  • Added support for handling ad-hoc routed items
  • Added Filters to allow for processing only specific records instead of all records (requires server version 3.17 or higher)

Version 3.16

  • Made Record object accessible to add-ins
  • Made RecordType object accessible to add-ins

Version 3.13

  • Updated version to use newer docMgt REST Helper component

Version 3.10

  • New Version