SCHEDULED TASK: Task runs but does not do anything

If you have a scheduled task configured in Windows to run the docMgt Exporter Service typically it is straight forward. However, there are some gotchas that can bite you from time to time. One of them has to do with UNC paths vs. mapped drives.

If you have an export folder that is on another machine you can typically see the folder using Windows as a drive letter. When you tell docMgt Exporter Service to export to there all works well - even when you set up your scheduled task it still runs fine. Then you go to change the task to run when nobody is logged in and that is when the problem arises.

Mapped drives are only available to logged in users on the desktop. They are not normally available to background process. Since the scheduled task will run in the background the mapped drive will not be available. Because of this you cannot use drive letters in this case.

To solve this issue simply change your import folder to the full UNC path and you should be fine.

There is actually a thread in the forums dealing with this: