Action or Value



Deletes variable from the Record

Not valid on Filters


Full URL of the server


Returns the version of DocMgt that is running on the server



Returns the URL for the Public image banner used in the Public Search screen and as the default E-form image.

[SERVERBANNERURL] = https://images/abc.png


Unique GUID number


Branding Colors:














You can use the color options from the Branding system for variables. This is most useful in E-Forms where you can set a table header color equal to the [Color_Panel_Header_BG] color code to keep form colors in sync with the branding colors.

The return value is a HEX color code

[Color_Toolbar_Text] = #ff0000

Branding URLs:




Images in the Branding section are also available for use as variables:

[Brand_BannerURL] = the URL to the image on the login page above the login panel

[Brand_ToolbarIconURL] = The ICON in the upper left of the tool bar

[Brand_ToolbarBGImageURL] = The image used as a background image for the tool bar (not commonly used)


Page Number

Bates Stamping Only


Page Count

Bates Stamping Only


Returns the data value from the SERVER based on the data name (var) supplied.

The Server has its own data collection just like Records. This variable allows you to retrieve the value of data elements stored in the Server.

You can use the "Server Field Update" action in workflow to set values at the Server level.

[SERVERDATA(test)] = cat


Returns delimited list of options defined for a field.

RecordType = The ID or Name of the Record Type in which to look for the matching field.

FieldName = The Name of the field that has the options defined.

del = The delimiter to use for the list. Defaults to , (comma)

[FIELDOPTIONS(Invoices|Status|^)] = Active^Approved^Paid

[FIELDOPTIONS(1|Status|:)] = Active:Approved:Paid


Returns the number of OCR pages processed in the given time frame

From = The first date to start counting pages. Defaults to first of current month.

To = The last date to count pages. Defaults to today.

Type = The type of OCR job. Defaults to 0 (OCR and Barcodes Only).

Possible Type Values

  -1 = All

  -2 = All Machine Learning Only

   0 = OCR and Barcodes Only (No ML)

   1 = OCR Only

   2 = Barcodes Only

  10 = Machine Learning - Receipts

  12 = Machine Learning - Invoices

  13 = Machine Learning - IDs

  14 = Machine Learning - Business Cards

  15 = Machine Learning - W2s

  16 = Machine Learning - General Forms


Returns Record and Document counts for the server.

type = The type of count(s) to return

 - rec = Count of ALL Records

 - reca = Count of ACTIVE Records

 - recd = Count of DELETED Records

 - doc = Count of ALL Documents

 - doca = Count of ACTIVE Documents

 - docd = Count of DELETED Documents

Any other values will return both record and document counts in JSON format.

[USAGE()] = {Records: 100, RecordsActive: 50, RecordsDeleted: 50, Documents: 10000, DocumentsActive: 9000, DocumentsDeleted: 1000}

[USAGE(rec)} = 100

[USAGE(reca)} = 50

[USAGE(recd)} = 50

[USAGE(doc)} = 10000

[USAGE(doca)} = 9000

[USAGE(docd)} = 1000


Returns the IP Address of the current user.

This is only accessible for web-based operations. Back end operations such as retention and follow up actions will not return anything.



Returns human readable version of CRON expression

cron = CRON expression

[CRONDESC(0 0 8 1/1 * ? *)] = At 8:00 AM

[CRONDESC(0 0 17 ? * MON-FRI *)] = At 05:00 PM, Monday through Friday


Returns the number of errors that have been logged into the system within a date range

FROM - The date FROM in the range

TO - The date TO in the range

* Dates are UTC in the database

[ERRORCOUNT()] - Total # of errors since site started

[ERRORCOUNT(1/1/2024)] - Total # of errors since 1/1/2024

[ERRORCOUNT(1/1/2024|1/31/2024)] - Total # of errors between 1/1/2024 and 1/31/2024