Q. Do I need to use Internet Information Services

A. Yes. docMgt is built using ASP.NET at its core and runs on .NET version 4.7.2. It is a web application that runs on Internet Information Services (IIS). For information on installing IIS, please refer to one of the following articles.

Q. Do I need a special drive to store documents?

A. No, you can use any drive that is available to Windows. In fact, if you do not set a document storage location in Main Options then the documents will all be stored in the database and you won't need a drive. BE CAREFUL using this method though because the database size will grow very fast if documents are stored in it.

Q. What browsers are supported for using docMgt?

A. Internet Explorer 10 or higher, Edge, Chrome 28 or higher and Firefox 30 and higher are all supported for all functions. Mobile browsers will work fine for end users but may not work on all administration screens such as the E-Form Designer.

* We recommend Chrome for the best experience.

The tools that are automatically installed and run from the browser, such as the scanning and importing tools, use Microsoft Clickonce technology to install, update and run. This requires Clickonce support from your browser. Internet Explorer supports Clickonce inherently but Chrome and Firefox do not. If you use anything but Internet Explorer you will need to have extensions installed for Clickonce support. We do link to the appropriate extensions required while inside the system but the links change form time to time. If the links stop working you should be able to find replacements here.

You can find Chrome add-ins here:


You can find Firefox add-ins here:


Q. Can I hide the SMTP and Document Location settings from my end users?

A. In the administration screen any administrator has the ability to change the settings for SMTP and Document Location. If you do not wish those to be available to end users you can make a change to your system's web.config file. In the appSettings section, change the HideSysConfig setting to true. If that setting does not exist in the appSettings section you can add it is necessary.


    <add key="HideSysConfig" value="false" />


Q. Do you have any REGEX resources that can help for E-Form Validation or Auto-Index logic?

A. There are several REGEX sites out there that can help you build a good REGEX library. Here are some of our favorites: