The concept of record types in systems is nothing new. In fact the ability to classify and separate documents based on type or usage is what makes system more usable than just throwing everything together with no means of telling what types of documents are present. However, DocMgt goes about defining Record Types a little bit differently than other systems. 

Record Types in DocMgt are not dictated by which area of the system you place them and they are not dictated by the security level of the person doing the work. In DocMgt the record type is dictated by what we know about the information in the Record. For instance, if a record comes into the system with fields named First Name, Last Name, Employee ID and Hire Date we can be fairly sure that this is an employee personnel record. Likewise if a record comes has fields of PO Number, PO Date, PO Amount and Vendor we are probably fairly certain this is a Purchase Order record. Of course you can always change these parameters to reflect your own needs but the concept remains the same.

In the Record Type list you will see the Record Type currently defined and available for use. You can use the ADD button to add new Record Types or you can choose to edit one by clicking on its entry in the list. If you wish to delete a Record Type, click its delete icon on the far right. 

You can also import a Record Type using the Import button the far right of the tool bar.