1. Create a work trigger called Classify (can be renamed if you like) and make sure its VIEW is set to "Indexing - Classification Screen". This will trigger the classification screen to come up when users click on the work item.

  1. For Manual Classify: Set the assignment to whomever will be doing the data entry.It can be any combination of user(s) and/or team(s).

  1. For Automatic Classify: 
    1. Make sure to not use any user for assignment. You do not want the process to assign it to any user if you are using automatic splitting. 
    2. In order to use automatic classification you need to configure the trigger to use the Classify Documents action type in the Assignment actions. 
    3. You may also need to use one or more of the @Classify values
      1. @SPLIT_KEEPBREAKPAGE = This tells the system whether to keep or discard the break page
        1. If you do not use this variable then the break page is kept by default
        2. Set to NO or FALSE to discard the break page

  1. Under the trigger activation rules, set it to look for a variable named @CLASSIFY with a value of YES. We will use this later in the configuration.

Next Step: Configure Record Type(s)