Workflow is how the system automatically assigns items to users to perform their jobs. We configure individual Triggers that activate when an item in the system matches them. The item is then assigned to the users who work that Trigger. When they are done they let the system know by clicking a button or performing an action. The system the looks for other users to assign the item to based on other Triggers.

In the Workflow list you will see the Work Triggers and Processes currently defined. 


Triggers are the action steps in the workflow. When an item is routed, the Trigger settings will be evaluated to determine with Trigger matches the item, who to assign it to, what actions to take and more. 


Processes are groups of Triggers and other Processes. Processes need to match the routed item in order to work upon the items. Once matched the contained Triggers and Processes are evaluated for a matches and processed.

You can also import a Trigger or Process using the Import button the far right of the tool bar.